Swimmer spotlight



Second to right, Jake Johnson, getting ready for his meet.

TUHS swimmer, Jake Johnson has been swimming since 4th grade. The most exciting part about this season, according to Jake, is,“The fact that we have a new coaching staff is definitely something new and exciting. Coaching a team of 20+ kids isn’t easy–especially in a strenuous sport like swim. I’m looking forward to seeing how we do this season against some of our rivals.”

Getting out of the pool after a race and seeing that you shattered one of your personal records is a feeling like no other. That’s definitely the highlight of every season for me.” Since the start of high school swim, Johnson has continued to improve: ”I’ve always been a freestyle swimmer, but high school swim changed that. I was thrown into events that I was unfamiliar with right off the bat. It’s made me comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Johnson seems optimistic about the remainder of the 2020 season. ”I think we’ll have a few people go off to valley. The qualification times are pretty tough this year, but definitely not impossible. It’s just a matter of working for it.”