Human Element activities going on


Photo Courtesy:Human Element

Human Element student spreading love with an encouraging message.

We are now at week nine and there are many positive things going on in the Human Element class. This class is known for being run by leaders and their main goal is to encourage positivity as well as prevent bullying and anything harmful that could be involved at school.

Robbi Caudle, a student from Human Element states: “Currently we have been working on getting to know each other as well as how we cope with online school. We give each other tips!” The students are giving each other their own individual ways of dealing with online school in order to help each other remain successful. Another student is Human Element, Spencer Cole, states, “I am creating new ways students can succeed with online school during these hard times.” The Human Element class is strengthening their bonds by working together and being understandable about how different our world is today! Madison George added, “We’ve been working with the mental health club and have been trying to help promote healthy habits for students and let them know that they are not alone.”

There are many positive techniques being used at Taft High today. Teachers and students are working on having a healthier mental state and are clearing their minds by learning about mindfulness as well. Mindfulness is the state of being in the present moment and focusing on what is happening currently instead of worrying about anything else. The Human Element class is doing a great job of being mindful and working on staying positive and always helping out and being kind to our peers.