The Year of Truth


Taylor Virgilio

Raven Yeager and Taylor Virgilio posing outside of campus on the first day back as juniors waiting to go through the cafeteria gate.

The year 2020 seemed to wrap itself around the balance of life. Protests broke out because of the inequality among races, as well as the inequality among genders. Political fights among the presidential candidates happened because of the differences in which each candidate saw fit to restore the balance as well as unity. Arguments in person and on social media happened because of the difference in which people viewed the seriousness of the Covid -19 pandemic. The year 2020 really brought out people’s true colors all around the globe, whether they were good or bad.

In our town, many people also revealed their true colors. Trump supporters held truck rallies at Franklin Field to show their support in the presidential debate. Members of Human Element at T.U.H.S. held positive events to help bring light into our town during this time. Staff members at our school created virtual academic programs to help the students who were in need. Members all around our community put out signs that reminded us that we still have hope. Our town continued to bring the light back into this dark time.

T.U.H.S. opened back up to the public in November; members of every grade level returned back to campus. Staff members sent out a survey to ask which students would like to return and which students preferred to stay at home. The board and staff members applied health guidelines to make sure everyone was safe. Students who returned applied these health guidelines. Students who also returned began receiving extra help which then improved several grades.

During the holidays, members in the community hosted events that spiced things up a bit. Some yards were decorated with the appropriate holiday decorations by clubs at T.U.H.S. as well as parents choosing to “sprinkle” some families during this time. They would put together a gift bag and leave it on the doorstep of houses. The S-club made “blessing boxes” for those in need of food and other items. This year was different than most, but our community made sure that we had help getting through it. 

All over social media, many teens would post about how thankful they are to be able to spend more time with their family during the lockdown. “My family is usually always busy and never had time for me but, since we were in lockdown, I was able to get the one-on-one time with them that I needed. I made memories this year that I will carry with me forever,” said a sophomore at T.U.H.S. There were both positive and negative outcomes due to this year. “I have learned that life is too short to worry about the things I won’t remember in 20 years. I just want to spend my time with my loved ones,” said a freshman at T.U.H.S.

The truth about this year is that, with the events that occurred, it either changed people for the good or for the bad. In some cases, it didn’t change people at all. “This year changed me for the better; I learned some new things about myself and decided that I need to be the best version of myself,” said Autumn Taylor. The year 2020 impacted everyone’s life in some way; some people freaked out and others just acted like nothing happened. “I feel as though this year showed the difference between people who care and people who don’t,” said a staff member at T.U.H.S. 

This year was one that proved that we all aren’t as united as we thought. “It seems like it was one thing after another every month,” said another staff member at T.U.H.S. Communities all around the globe dealt with several things this year, some even more than they have ever experienced. “If there is anything I learned about 2020, it is that you have to continue to get up every day and face the battles that are to come,” said a staff member at Taft High. 

2020 will go down in the history books one day. It really made the world choose between trying to find a balance among everyone or letting the world tear each other apart.