Spring Break Memories


Photo courtesy of Katelynn Gomez

Katelynn Gomez enjoying time at the beach during Spring Break.

Spring Break is a joyful time for students at Taft High to take a break from school work and to simply relax. We are each so grateful to be able to enjoy going out and doing more due to many places now being open.

Eyan Pitts wanted to share his Spring Break experience by stating, “I went to my sister’s house with my mom and grandma and we hung out; then, I stayed at my grandparents house for about five days to sit their cat and dog.” Pitts was able to spend a lot of quality time with his sister and enjoyed his time dog/cat sitting for his grandparents.

Ayden Massey shares what he enjoys doing on Spring Break: “Staying home and relaxing…I enjoy not having to do any school work.”

Robbi Caudle also shares her spring break experiences: “For Spring Break, I went to the beach with my family and I got a lot of relaxation in.” Caudle went to Pismo Beach to enjoy the ocean and then went to Avila to look at the sights.

Another student, Erik Blanco shared: “For spring break, I went whale watching in Morro Bay and I had a lot of fun. We weren’t able to spot any whales on this adventure, but it was still interesting to be so far in the Ocean.” Blanco was able to enjoy this new experience and also spend quality time with his family.

The last student that gave insight, Katelynn Gomez, said, “For Spring Break, I mainly spent time with my family; we also had a getaway at the beach for a few days.”

Overall, many students enjoyed their Spring Break and it was a nice time for Taft High’s students as well as staff to relax and take a break from our everyday busy lives.