Students enjoy celebrating with fall traditions


Photo courtesy of Erik Blanco

Tina Swope and Erik Blanco celebrating one of their favorite fall traditions: making hot cocoa.

There are many different traditions among families that people enjoy during the fall. A perfect way to start the season is by enjoying hot beverages and carving pumpkins

Robbi Caudle’s fall traditions include, “Carving pumpkins with my family, getting cozy, and drinking hot cocoa every night.” Another student, Erik Blanco, suggests a few of his fall traditions by stating: “I enjoy making caramel apples with my family; they taste good  and it is always a fun bonding experience.”  There are many different fall traditions every year, some newer and some that are more exciting than others.

Quarantine and our everyday battle with the pandemic has not stopped students from enjoying these traditions and spending time with their families. Aaron Cross stated, “I don’t have many fall traditions, but something that I enjoy doing is taking my little siblings trick or treating,” Cross continued to say, “My siblings enjoy this time together and, by the end of the night, we have plenty of candy to snack on.” Halloween is a holiday that sparks many traditions for families to enjoy. Cheyenne Landreth said she enjoys the fall by stating, “My fall traditions are usually pumpkin carving and cleaning up the leaves from the big trees in our yard. There is always a lot, but it becomes a nice memory to share.” Students are celebrating their various traditions and these challenging times are not stopping anyone from enjoying the new season!