Taft High students dressing up for Halloween


Photo courtesy of Katelynn Gomez

Katelynn Gomez showing her Halloween spirit.

Halloween this year seems to be a very unusual one due to all the changes of Covid-19. There are many people that have decided not to take their children trick-or-treating this year due to all of the risks. Students at Taft High are not letting this affect their Halloween spirit! There are many students that are dressing up for Halloween regardless of these conditions. Taft High student Katelynn Gomez stated: “This year, I have decided to dress up because I enjoy Halloween; I am going to be a police officer.” Dressing up for Halloween is the most traditional way that people most often celebrate. Another student at Taft High, Robbi Caudle, stated: “This year has been very uneventful so I am taking advantage of every holiday, so this year I will be Sam from Danny Phantom.” Many students are using Halloween as a fun way to distract themselves from all of the changes that Covid-19 has brought to us. Corie Wise said, “I am dressing up because I have siblings and I don’t want them to think that you can ever be too old to dress up; I am going to be a dead flapper!” Regardless of the changes being brought to us this year, we are still remaining positive and enjoying dressing up.