Q&A with Kevin McCarthy and Kevin Harvick

Congressman Kevin McCarthy and NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick are teaming up to answer questions from Kern County students. This unlikely duo is coming together to inform students about staying healthy and active while distance learning from home.

They recognize the importance of keeping focused while doing virtual classes even though there is no school recess or P.E. at school (in person). They would like the students to recognize that staying active and the motivation to continue moving helps people keep focused on a task.

If you would like to ask Kevin McCarthy and Kevin Harvick any questions on health and fitness or race car driving you can do so by submitting a video recording of yourself if possible or an email to Brittany.Martinez@mail.house.gov they will be taking questions until next week. Kevin McCarthy and Kevin Harvick will be responding to question via video. When submitting your video, please attach the appropriate consent form if under 18. You can find it in this link; https://docs.google.com/document/d/17KBYaTMWRFy161v7CYS6eOaodQzcXjsrVxpBBZYGDKI/edit