Taft High appreciates their counselors


Jessica De La Cruz

Counselor from Taft Union High School, Lilia Murillo, smiling for her picture.

On the week of February 3rd-7th, Taft Union High School had a counseling appreciation week for the counselors. We asked a series of questions to our counselors like why they decided to be a counselor. 

Jana Durkan said, “It is very rewarding to see students work hard and, with that hard work, realize their goals and inner potential. This is why I wanted to become a counselor and help students with their educational journey!”  

Tammy Sutherland replied with, “It fulfills me to help guide them to achieve their goals. I love coaching and being a counselor is similar to coaching. I help students improve, push themselves and learn from their mistakes. They inspire me every day.” 

Jessica De La Cruz
Two of our counselors from Taft Union High School smiling for the camera. On the left, Tammy Sutherland. On the right, Jana Durkan.










Lilia Murillo stated, “I like being a counselor because I get to learn many different kinds of students backgrounds and cultures. Also, not one day is the same for me. I can plan a day’s worth of work, but I never know what the day holds for me. Every day is a new day in my world of counseling. I wanted to make a difference in student’s lives. I want to be the person that students can talk to when things get complicated. I also enjoy seeing students grow physically and mentally. I love hearing about my student’s successes and challenges.”