Cavazos honored by CSUB Hall of Fame


Jonah Armstrong

Cavazos smiling at a board meeting last year.

Taft Union High School Superintendent was recently inducted into the CSUB Hall of Fame. Dr. Cavazos will be inducted in February of this year. This award is “very special” and “a huge honor just to be selected.” She has brought great honor to the Taft High Wildcats by representing her accomplishments as the Taft Union High School District Superintendent. 

Cavazos was born on November 15, 1959 in Mexico. She was raised in Mexico until the age of three when she then moved to the Arvin/Lamont area. She was born into a very, “tight knit and traditional family.” She had two sisters and one brother. School started off very difficult for her due to a language barrier. It wasn’t until 4th grade when school started to become easier.

She graduated from Arvin High and then moved on to Cal State Bakersfield. While at Cal State, Cavazos started the mini-corps program where she learned that she had a passion for educating youth. The first teaching position she held was as a 1st grade teacher for Arvin Union High School District. Next, Cavazos was hired by CSUB where she was the Community Liaison. While serving in this position, she recruited students in the teaching field. She then got another position at CSUB as Cal-Mini Corps Program Supervisor where she supervised students going on to teach. After holding various positions in other schools districts, she finally made her return to her Alma Mater as Principal. Following her stent in the Kern County District, she began her journey as Taft Union High School Superintendent.

She is the first woman to ever lead the district. Cavazos always knew working with youth was what she wanted to do, and being able to have her office located on the campus was what really drew her in the most. According to Cavazos, “We have great students who drive me to make things better for them and a very dedicated staff.” In addition, Cavazos states, “I’m very proud to be the superintendent of Taft Union High School District.”