Wildcats to Watch showcased in wonderful night

The Wildcat to Watch dinner is a time to recognize our fellow Wildcats for their extraordinary effort and dedication to do their best.  The dinner was lively and full of proud students and faculty. Fifteen students were nominated for the award, each with a valid reason.

Fatima Rivera, a Freshman, was nominated by Mrs. Hamblin for her consistent hard work and improvement. 

Fatima is a work-a-holic!  She puts every ounce of effort into even the smallest tasks. Her notes are detailed and ready to be studied.”

Bethaney Armstrong
Fatima Rivera Jaime receiving her Wildcat to Watch award.

Mr. Goodwin nominated Kylie Haislip for being an outstanding student during summer school two years ago. Kylie is caring and always wants to brighten other people’s day by asking a simple, “How are you today?”

That’s exactly why Mr. Goodwin nominated her for Wildcat to Watch; that, and her strong will to do amazing in school and eagerness to learn.

Emily LeDuc
Kylie Haislip receiving her award.

“She always puts forth the same effort she did as an incoming freshman and is always actively involved in all class discussions. She always asks how I’m doing and says, ‘hi’ to me whenever she’d see me on campus,” Mr. Goodwin said.

“Honestly, when I first got it, I was kinda surprised [Kylie on getting the award], and when I found out I got it, I was really excited for being recognized for like being noticed for putting in the work and felt really good about it.”

Jeremiah (JD) Frakes was nominated by the Guidance Center for always having a smile on his face and being ready to work. 

“Jeremiah is a pleasure each day he comes in the Guidance Center,” writes the Guidance Center staff.

Bethaney Armstrong
Jeremiah Frakes receiving his award.

All the students were happy and excited that their work was being recognized and got the applause they deserve. Each of the remaining students were given an award along with the accolades.

Recipients of the Wildcat to Watch award:

Maycie Barrett, Jeb Burke, Jesus Campos Garcia, Eduardo Castro, James Flippin, Jeremiah Frakes, Izabelle Gurrola, Kylie Haislip, Elena Martelli, Tisel Martinez Flores, Destanie Owens, Fatima Rivera Jaime, Jessica Simpson, Katelyn Ward, and Nicholas Yingst.

Bethaney Armstrong
The recipients of the Wildcat to Watch awards pictured together with faculty and staff who nominated them.