Seniors spike the competition

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Last week was the first annual Staff vs. Senior volleyball game, and the seniors won by a small margin.

According the Gary Rennie, the announcer for the event, whichever team won 2/3 of the games would win the game. At first, the seniors won, and second, the staff won – all concluding to the seniors winning the last game 13-15. For the first part of the game, nothing much happened past the teachers flailing around and the students trying too hard–but when everyone began to get interested. The plays were long, exciting, and often included breathtaking saves. The teachers turned out to be surprisingly technical with their sets, whereas the students were more focused on getting the ball over. Ms. Eubank, the referee for the event, had both her hands flying to her left and right the whole game.

Amongst the hyped crowd, Kade Bravo joined in on the announcing (heckling), and the crowd was mostly hyped. The students’ side didn’t show much support.

On the other side, the staff had matching shirts, cheerleaders and pom-poms, and all cheered when the staff scored a point. Jodi Jackson, the staff member who greets every student as they walk in through the gate in the morning, had a poster that had a cross-out over the word seniors. She ran across the room on the students’ side every time the staff scored a point.

The best part is the not one person gave up the ball, even when it was clear that they wouldn’t score. Corbin Yaws’ serves often left the teachers in a desperate scramble to set the ball, and Ryan Hickman’s spikes put the seniors in a pile diving for the ball. Overall, it was a close and intense game, and next year, it will be the class of 2021’s turn.

Jacquelyn White
Mr. and Mrs. Morris cheer on the staff as they score.

Jacquelyn White
Jodi Jackson prepares to run another lap as the teachers score.

Anastasia Motz
The teachers show their support for one another before the game.

Anastasia Motz
Tammy Sutherland lifts her hand to hit the ball at full force.

Anastasia Motz
Linda Huerta prepares to set the ball back over.