Retired, not expired


Jessica De La Cruz

The Friends visited the Board meeting to congratulate the girls team on the SSL win and the second place finish in the Division IV Valley Championships.

So, as many of you have heard, the Friend’s have retired this year. Bill and Linda Friend have been coaching for 24 years and they decided to retire due to Bill’s health during the girls’ varsity season. Before Bill coached tennis, he was the girls’ volleyball coach for 8 years. After his volleyball years, he became interested in coaching tennis. He started off as Jim Carnal’s assistant coach with his wife, Linda. She didn’t have any experience with tennis until she went to the Bakersfield Country Club for lessons. 

We asked Bill Friend if he had any advice for the new tennis players next year for girls and boys tennis. He said, “Do the best you can do, work hard, and be aggressive.”

Bill and Linda Friend described their varsity girls in just a few words. They describe each player how they did during their season: Arelie Paz – “smart and quick;” Valerie Munoz – “fast and strong;” Jessica DeLaCruz – “refuses to lose;” Jeidy Perez – “always on the attack;” Cindy Perez – “makes the opponent run;” Ivonne Gutierrez – “good serves;” Gaby Aguilar – “hard-hitting;” Anna Solorzano – “quick learner;” Kayleigh Pence – “great net and hits great short shots.” 

After retirement, Bill and Linda Friend will continue to play tennis during their free time with their friends. They said that the one thing they won’t forget is their favorite tradition with the varsity team–the Wildcat cheer.