Nathaniel Morris nails Honor Choir audition

The honor choir auditions were September 28, and Nathaniel Morris was the only one from Taft Union High to make it through the rigorous audition process. Going against kids from schools in Bakersfield to Madera, Nathaniel wowed the judges.

In an interview, Mr. Mosley described the audition, “You have to sing 3 main scales, match a random piano key’s pitch, and sing in Italian.”

Around 1,000 students in total auditioned–to say the competition was brutal would be an understatement.

Being in choir for only one year, Nathaniel managed to score an astounding 91, making him in the top group. For reference, the average is mid 80s

“At first I felt nervous, and I worked myself up, but talking to the other people that were trying out and eating and drinking a little of what they offered helped a lot,” says Nathaniel about walking into BHS and concentrating on being in the right frame of mind.

When asked about how he felt when he found out he made it, he said, ”I was very excited that I made it. The fact that I made it is already awesome, but I know for a fact that, in the last several years at least, no one has made honor choir before.”