New Year = New Tradition (W.O.W.)

Gusher Staff
Students commit to graduate

The first two days of this school year were full of classes on how to stay smart, respectful, and responsible online. Motivational speaker Harriet Turk also explained to the students how important it is to stay positive and motivated, not only every day, but especially during difficult times as well. Club Rush gave students, both new and old, the opportunity to become more involved with Taft High and its student body.  Other activities were designed to welcome students to Taft High.

With such a beneficial beginning to this school year, staff can already see the differences it’s making on the kids. As TUHS Graphic Communications Teacher, Mark Fitzsimmons, announces, “I for one am awed by the success and potential long-lasting impact and returns this effort has produced. I am looking forward to the positive impact this school start will have on our staff and students.” Week of Welcome made a substantial difference in our school spirit and, in turn, will help our school and community as a whole become more successful. Way to start off the year fantastically, Wildcats!