Homecoming Cruise Thru


Taft had a Homecoming event was it a bit different with COVID regulations and everything going on this year, so they had a Homecoming Cruise Thru.  Even in the cold weather, a lot of people showed up as they got set up for the cruise thru in front of the Fox Theater at 6:00 p.m. last night. They had music, speakers, and a mic for the person announcing the nominees’ names and who they got nominated by. There were many nominated kings and queens. People stood around waiting for the nominees to start appearing. 

The nominees drove down the road slowly one-by-one in a car or golf cart. They spaced out to let each other have their moment. As they drove by, the speaker said their name and who they got nominated by as music played and people clapped.

People decorated their cars and golf carts in lights, signs, streamers, glitter. People shot off canyons of glitter, and they had people sitting in the back of the trucks or standing out the sunroof. The signs said their names and to vote for them. Many people were taking photos, and using musical instruments for the nominees as they passed by. 

The band was even there; they were practicing as the nominees passed by, and then they marched down the street after all the nominees passed by and played music as they were walking down the street.