Does the final debate mean the final tie breaker?

By Marco Verch Professional Photographer

“Hand holding American flag with 2020 Election text” by wuestenigel is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This debate was one for the books. Thursday evening, President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden went head-to-head in the last of four debates before the Presidential election on November 3. A new feature was added to limit the number of interruptions and talking during the other candidates’ time: the mute feature. One of the most commonly used features in zoom meetings during distance learning has now been brought into politics.

Journalist Kristen Welker was the moderator for the final round. Compared to the last debates, this one was very well organized with few interruptions. At one point, President Donald Trump did get muted for going a few seconds over the allowed time. The last of the debates covered issues such as climate change, immigration, the Supreme Court, and health care as well as COVID-19 response.

Kristen Welker was, at one point, complemented during the debate by President Donald Trump when he said, “So far, I respect very much the way you’re handling this.” The mute button, which is notoriously used by teachers for disruptive students was more of a threat than action this time around when it was seen to be used only once, both men adhered quite well to the 2-minute limit.

When Kristen Welker asked what visions they have for COVID-19 response, both men had different views. Biden wants the country to open up slowly, safely, and when necessary, while on the other hand Trump wants the country to open up as soon as possible to stimulate the economy.

With statistics being thrown out right and left, the Internet was on overhaul with fact checking. News organizations such as CNN, CBS, NBC, and FOX updated the audience with a play-by-play of facts vs. fiction on their websites. With many clear explanations for future plans, the debate could be a tie breaker for the voters of the United States Presidential election.