Appreciation week shows care for classified staff


Cheyanne Landreth

Posters that the TUHs Human Element class made.

Last week at TUHS an appreciation week was going on for all the classified staff, along with events geared toward showing our appreciation for them. On Monday, Human Element did a cupcake delivery to show love. Mrs. Heber said,”It went really good. The Human Element students loved showing their appreciation to our classified staff.” Then to end the week on Friday, Mrs. Michelle Lopez said,”The purpose of the Bake Club is to come together in fellowship and create treats that put smiles on other’s faces. So far, that’s exactly what we’ve done! It’s so much fun to watch students, staff, and the community get excited at our bake sales when they see our tables full of goodies. The best part of staff appreciation week was coming together and baking for the purpose of showing staff how much we appreciate them. Essentially, our motto is to ‘be a good neighbor.’ Our members worked hard to create something in kindness and in each delivery; the kindness was reciprocated with smiling staff faces! That was a real treat for us!” Overall, appreciation week for staff was a reminder of how much love we have for them!