TUHS girls believe together

A bible study group for girls has made its way to TUHS. Caitlin McAfee is the creator of the whole idea which starts on Jan. 15. The meeting will be during lunch in room 267.

McAfee stated,”The reason I came up with this idea is because it’s a way to start a relationship with God, a way for girls to come together and make new friendships, and just a place to be yourself.” What she thinks it will bring to TUHS is: “I think it will make girls more confident and [feel] worthy. I believe that a lot of girls walk around this school feeling like they aren’t enough, and I think it’s important that someone and everyone makes them feel that way and believe that as well. If boys end up wanting to come, they are totally welcomed to but for right now it’s just girls.”

What she is most excited about is to see, “how God moves within this and within me. I’m excited to see how many girls come and what it will grow into. I’m excited about what the turnout will be on the first meeting this Wednesday, January 15th. I just think that this will be an amazing thing and I think girls will find themselves more comfortable and confident within themselves more than ever.”