JV tennis swept their way to a win

This season’s Wildcat tennis is on track! On September 19, 2019, with their game against Wasco, the varsity and JV teams continued their winning streaks.


#1 Cristal Martinez-Munoz defeated Emma Litchfield 6-3, 6-0.

#2 Callie Pittman lost against Briseyda Barron 4-6, 6-6. Callie went into two tiebreakers, the first set was a 7 point tiebreaker and she won 7-3. The second set was a 10 point tiebreaker and she lost with a score of 7-10. 

#3 Alyn Paz defeated Ariana Leyva 6-1, 6-1.

#4 Natalie Rubio defeated Wendy Perez 6-2, 6-6. Natalie went into an intense 7 point tiebreaker and she won with a score of 13-11. 

#5 Nadalie Pence defeated Lizbeth Huape 6-1, 6-0.

#6 Aubree Spell defeated Marela Lopez 6-1, 6-3.


#1 Cristal Martinez-Munoz and Alyn Paz defeated Emma Litchfield & Briseyda Barron 7-8. Cristal & Alyn went into a 7 point tiebreaker and they won with a score of 7-1. 

#2 Aubree Spell and Yadira Ruiz defeated Ariana Leyva & Lizbeth Huape 8-5. 

#3 Nidia Pablo and Jaylynn Dowden lost against Wendy & Marrela 8-5. 

Jv players Cristal Martinez, Alyn Paz, and Aubree Self each won two wins for Taft, and Natalie Pence added another victory to the count.  After a tough tie breaker that was neck and neck to the very end, Nadalie Rubio won her single match. The biggest surprise came from Jaylynn Dowden’s double pair and Nidia Pablo, who defeated their Wasco opponent.