TUHS shines on Friday nights in honor of senior athletes 


Taft Union High School will turn the football field stadium, softball, baseball, and track lights on every Friday night at 8:20 for 20 minutes in honor of all the senior athletes. While the coronavirus has shut down the TUHS campus, the staff has gone above and beyond to help the seniors through this emotional time. The time of lights holds significance. In military time 8:20 is 20:20, the senior graduation year. It is also very meaningful to the athletes who won’t receive their senior night.

The athletes were very happy to see that the staff went out of their way to make them feel special. Not only was this action special for the seniors, it has brought hope to the underclassmen and community around. All athletes also received their athletic awards. While it has been a difficult time, the staff has brought hope to all students and the community.