Photo taken by Tammy Sutherland

Swim team practicing

Swim and dive 2021

Each team this year has had different struggles, challenges, triumphs, goals, and favorites.  Coach Sutherland’s favorite part about this season was the, “wonderful students/swimmers and their willingness to pitch in, work together and do their best.”

One of the triumphs was the highlight of the season, she said, “…several swimmers quali[ed] for valley.” With one team ritual comes another of: “…team dinners before meets,” and, “the Wildcat spell-out.”

The swimmers that stood out this season all qualified for valley; they were, “Presley Golling, Brooke Ashmore, Breann Bracken, John Van Roekel, Skyler Sutherland, Brenden Gratt, Chase Gratt, Athena Campos, and Bilquiz Herrera.” said Sutherland.

 When asked what obstacles the team overcame, Sutherland told us, “[w]e had several injuries throughout the season,” she continued, “[w]e lost some swimmers due to injury and grades.” With pride, Tammy Sutherland remarked, “Our core swimmers were dedicated and strong.”

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