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Out of the ball park: Varsity players after winning the Tulare-Visalia Pro PT Invitational Championship

Varsity baseball 2021

Varsity baseball has crushed this season with a total score of 13-5-1. This seasons score says a lot with little training during the offseason, Coach Davis said, “we had no idea what our skill level would be when practice started on February 1st,” he continued, “[l]uckily, we knew we had plenty of time to get our guys ready for the season.” The Varsity baseball team had seven weeks of practice in all and Davis felt they. “…had a good chance to have a competitive season.”

At the start of the season, the team had a tournament, and “[t]his assumption was put to the test.” They played every day for four days against multiple great teams and spent, “a total of 24 hours on a bus.” Their enthusiasm prevailed when they finished off as champions. Davis confirms the enthusiasm with, “[w]e knew that this was just the beginning and vowed to continue working hard to be ready for playoffs at the end of the year.”

The baseball team had its own share of obstacles this season with an,  “[overwelming] road schedule;” 17 out of the 22 games on the season’s schedule were away, the explanation: “schools in the Kern High School District are not allowed to play us and many Districts will not allow their teams to travel very far for games.” The biggest accomplishment was coming out of the season with, “above a .700 winning percentage.”

When asked what was done to motivate the team during the season Davis replied with, “[o]ur team is internally motivated. They put in the hard work and understand that success is earned and not given…[h]owever, this is one of the hardest working groups I have ever had.”

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