Meme day big hit during Homecoming Week

Memes have been part of modern humor culture (or Gen Z culture) for as long as anyone remembers. TUHS dedicated a Homecoming dress-up day to memes. This sparked excitement among the students, and the outcome was full of participation.

Nathaniel Morris
Taylor Fearon poses as a famous meme.

Other memes included hoards of ‘e-girls,’ ‘e-boys,’ and other ridiculous memes, past and present.

Jacquelyn White
Mr. Morris showing off his oddly accurate ‘Ain’t nobody got time fo dat’ meme.
Nathaniel Morris
Kelley Morris and Micheal White dress as memes.
Xitlaly Gonzalez, Desiree Harris, Nathaniel Morris, Taylor Fearon, Amanda Diaz, Tisel Martinez, Yasmin Cisneros, and Hannah Huckins dress up as memes.
A t-posing mannequin.

Overall, the dress up day was a success, and the students of TUHS smiled and laughed at each other’s memes.