Students get loud during February rally


Jonah Armstrong

Miguel Toro and Aubrey Self playing, “Guess the Artist” during the rally

Taft High entered February with a rally, dedicated to winter sports, for students to enjoy. A.S.B. and Human Element were responsible for setting up. Mr. Newton filled the students with excitement. The student body was stomping and clapping to the beat of “We Will Rock You” by Queen as he introduced the basketball players.

The National Anthem was played instrumentally by a couple of students in the Taft High band. Following the National Anthem and the team acknowledgements, students got to watch their peers volunteer for games. The first game that was played by student volunteers was “Guess the Artist.” Senior Miguel (Alex) Toro dominated that game and won almost every round, making the senior class the victors of that game. The second game played by students was the basketball toss, which sophomore Caeden McAfee won against senior Dylan Self.

The rally was “…really fun! We got to hear about the boys basketball and the games were amazing,” said Senior Laurel Wheeler. She also brought up an issue about the scheduling of games, “…I think we need more games and I think it needs to be after fourth period so that everyone can go. When it’s after seventh, the kids who don’t have a sixth or seventh are supposed to leave and it’s not fair.”

Lots of time and effort go into the rallies for students to enjoy. Show your support and Wildcat pride by attending and bringing positive energy to the stands.