Tiffani Satterfield brings her talent to Taft High


Destanie Owens

Tiffani Satterfeild captures Taft High's stories.

Tiffani Satterfield is a 28-year-old TV production teacher at Taft High; she is always on the run taking videos and pictures of anything and everything that catches her eye. This is her first year of teaching, but before she started working at Taft High she had two businesses: she had a video production business and a jewelry design business. Satterfield went to Taft College for three years and Western Governor for one year to get her bachelor’s degree in business. Her favorite subject in high school was Chemistry and History. We asked Satterfield what she likes best about Taft High’s campus, students, and staff. She said, “I love it here; everyone hangs out and the community is more like a family.” Satterfield also says this to all students: “Always follow your dreams, never give up, and if you feel like you are falling take five steps forward.”