Mock Rock Filled with Real Talent


Jonah Armstrong

Members of the Jazz Band accepting first place. Vocalist: Raygan Wescott Trumpets: Dawson Lopez and Kylie Campbell Saxophone: Dennis Posey Drum set: Tanner Ashmore Bass Guitar: Nathaniel Morris

Jacquelyn White
Raygan Wescott singing “I Dream a Dream” with fellow Jazz Band members: Dawson Lopez, Kylie Campbell, Dennis Posey, Tanner Ashmore and Nathaniel Morris (not pictured). They won first place in Mock Rock.

Mock Rock was another hit this year with 18 very different acts, minus the usual teacher act: “It’s always my favorite act and it was sad not to see it,” commented Sawyer Maier. The opening act was a lip sync from “Teen Beach Movie” performed by the Leadership Crew followed with the introduction of hosts Sierra Pilgrim and Sawyer Maier, who were “back and better than ever.” Taking third place was Harmony Hartzell with “Rise Up,” second was Jacob Gonzalez with “Presidential,” and taking first place was the Jazz Band with “I Dream a Dream.” Prize money was used with the $470 raised during Community Night.

The first student act was a dance called “Diversity” with Xitaly Gonzales and Karrigan Yancey who met in dance class and composed their piece from different Youtube videos. Several students braved a solo act and showed off their vocal abilities, including Chloe Schwerdetfager with “Not About Angels.” Schwerdetfager has been singing since the 8th grade. Ashly Ramires sang “Imagination” and Destiny Shelley performed a unique song dressed in an interesting costume with “Sally’s Song” from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Harmony Hartzell also impressed the crowd with “Rise Up” by Andra Day, and Kailee Gaylord, who has been singing for eight years, performed “Little Do You Know” by Alex and Sierra. Senior Joshua Lund has been playing the guitar for four years and played a mix of solos from Metallica and Guns & Roses. Exchange student Saskia Haag and fellow friends Millie Reynoso, Dariana Calderon, and Isabella Gonzalez danced a routine from TV show “Riverdale.” The idea came to the girls while watching the show and Haag thought it would be a good idea to do the dance for Mock Rock. Reynoso said, “I thought she was kidding…she wasn’t!”

Duo Elijah Gonzalez and The Phantom composed a magic act followed up with a video performance by Jessica Hartness titled, “Mullet Karaoke.” Other video acts of the evening were a piece by Jacob Gonzalez and his cabinet titled “Presidential” and Jordan Blaska with fellow Spice Girls singing and dancing to “Wannabe”. “Queen of Destruction” Stephanie Santos performed a dance that was, “10% YouTube and 90% me.”

Sofia Zendejas
Mike Cowan and Charlotte Kidd presenting Sierra Pilgrim with a scholarship surprise.

Between acts, Mike Cowan and Charlotte Kidd surprised senior, Sierra Pilgrim with a $5,000 CIF golf scholarship. Following the award was Advanced Choir performing an a capella to “Don’t Stop Believing.” Solos in the act were Sawyer Maier, Kelsey Lichtenberger, Matthew Loucks, and Halie Wilkerson. With “nothing better to do,” The Big Macs got together to perform a lip sync act. The Jazz Band performed “I Dream a Dream” with lead singer Raygan Wescott and saxophonist Dennis Posey. Closing Mock Rock was The Bella’s lip syncing and dancing to an act in the movie “Pitch Perfect.”