They’re Coming!


Jonah Armstrong

Kim Fields, campus supervisor, greets students as they enter our campus.

On March 14th, the incoming freshmen came to the high school to do their preferencing. Checkpoint one was where they would get their checkpoint list and check in. The high school staff and teachers set up booths in the quad with sports, clubs, and electives. In the library, at checkpoint three, the incoming freshmen received their ID cards, talked to Human Element and ASB, and got their shirt with the year they graduate. The new freshmen, who didn’t do their registration online before arriving, had to go to checkpoint four in the I.R.C. to get their registration done. The cafeteria was checkpoint five, and freshmen went to a table and were assigned a teacher who would tell them more about the school. The teachers also answered questions about classes. Reporter Sofia Zendejas asked an incoming freshmen what she thought so far about the school. The incoming freshman told her, “I like this school. Hopefully I don’t get lost and I make a lot of friends.” The new freshmen are excited but a little scared of getting lost. There was some competition going on between girls soccer, ASB, and golf; they were yelling about what their booths were to get people to approach them and sign up. So many programs and classes were showcased to give freshmen a taste of what Taft High has to offer.