Oil Tech Student Makes An Impression


Gusher Staff

Eduardo Morales showing Ted Pendergrass how his 3-D printer works.

Oil Tech student, Eduardo Morales, mesmerized the audience with his homemade 3D printer. Oil Tech seniors gave presentations on their senior projects to students and were judged by Oil Tech teachers recently as part of their senior projects. These students were given a grade for how they presented their projects.

Gusher Staff
Eduardo Morales making his presentation with his 3D printer.

Eduardo Morales is a senior Oil Tech student who made a 3D printer for his senior project. He learned to make it all by himself by mostly watching YouTube videos. It took him about 40 hours to build the printer itself. Part of the building process was soldering and crimping wires. He ordered some parts that came from China, but the parts took a while to arrive, making him wait nervously for their arrival. It took 6 hours to print a castle on the 3D printer. The metal and software cost him $200. Other materials cost $50. The filament was $15/roll, but it would be more expensive for metal.

“This is what senior projects are supposed to be about to me.” Ted Pendergrass expressed after Morales’s presentation. There were more projects presented, but this is the one that caused well-deserved attention and had people intrigued. The hard work and dedication put into these projects was very clear throughout, and was presented to the other students and teachers to showcase the talented Oil Tech students’ work.