Winter Week Full of Fun and Games


Gusher Staff

Sophomore student gets slimed at the rally.

The cartoon chaos spread over into the lunch hour at Taft High last week. The Freshmen won two out of three lunchtime games. Monday, freshmen won the game “Sponge Out of Water” with the seniors not far behind. They also won the trivia game on Wednesday; however, they lost their perfect streak with the sophomores eating their way to victory in the game “Baby Food Mania”. On Thursday, Michael Van Zee sliced up a win for the juniors in a pizza-eating contest with the sophomores coming in a close second.  

Nostalgia set in as students poured into the gym to be greeted with theme songs from childhood TV shows. Senior Kevin Carr told Gusher staff what it was like to return to school and be at his first Senior rally, “It was fun. I forgot how much I had enjoyed being able to be at one. I had missed the games and the Wildcat spell out and, even though I had people who would FaceTime me during rallys while I was at the hospital, it didn’t compare to watching it through the phone. It is completely different than being there in person. I absolutely love being back at school and being able to enjoy my senior year.” To kick-off the rally, Mrs. Morris sang the National Anthem followed with ASB leading the students in the Alma Mater. Jacob Gonzalez and Sierra Pilgrim introduced captains of the varsity girls’ soccer, varsity boys’ soccer, varsity girls’ basketball, and varsity boys’ basketball teams. Many games with a Nickelodeon theme helped to get students pumped–3 out of 4 class representatives were slimed and the juniors won the balloon burst.  Other games challenged the mind, such as the Rubik’s Cube challenge. Students ended the rally with the Wildcat Spell Out and faculty let the winners of the Spell Out go to lunch first.