Final Show Saturday at Stockdale


Mariah Nevarez

Dominic Krier and other band members preforming at the half time show.

Mariah Nevarez
Captain Hook (Eulysses Urrea) and Peter Pan (Dawson Lopez) show great skill in the performance as the sword slices just below Lopez’s feet.

The final performance of the season for The Taft High Band and Color Guard is this weekend.  Performances from “Peter Pan” are featured in the field show full of costumes and sword fights. If you have missed the performances at the football games, this is the last chance to see Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and all the others perform along with the band.

“The band and color guard have been performing the Peter Pan show for several months and only have one more show,” said Amanda Posey.

This Saturday, Nov. 11, Taft High’s band and color guard are headed for Stockdale High School to perform their last show of the season. The band competition begins at 4pm and tickets will be $10. Support your school and check out the pirate ship designed by Vic Posey and band members.