2020: A year of “change”

Yes, it is finally December and the year is coming to an end with 2021 right around the bend. It seems like everyone who has made it through 2020 has done so with eagerness for the approaching year and trepidation for what the rest of it has to come.

Like any other new year full of resolutions made by unsuspecting people, 2020 started out exciting (at least the first week or so); this excitement faded quickly with the surface of the wretched Coronavirus disease also known as Covid-19. With this uneasy development, the year started crumbling, but, in retrospect, it has taught us much more than imagined. Student Jennifer Atriano confirms this when she says, “[She’s] learned change, although this is not a[n] easy transition,” she continues by telling us, “[She’s] learned to accept it and be mindful of the situation.” 

The stay-at-home-orders have been rough, with most people not getting to go out like normal or see family and friends without regulations. But, Willow Pilgrim, another student from T.U.H.S, she states that, “[She’s] grown more this year because [she] had more time to just sit and think since we weren’t really allowed to go anywhere.” When thinking of this year as a whole, the consistent theme popping up is “change.”  

With the schools shut down and added regulations, the usual celebrations and get-togethers have been unsafe to practice; it has also forced creativity on us, the community has come together numerous times to support each other and have a good time. A couple of examples are: Cruz night for Homecoming nominations, the blessing boxes from S-club, and T.U.H.S Career day, which was put together by CTEC. The blessing boxes were a great way to show support for those in the community sending a message of helping in even the most unfortunate times. Teacher, Mrs. Heber said, “There are [fewer] community events and involvement, so the few that are still able to be executed seem to have a lot of support.” 

Some advice for looking to the new year in this mess of a year is from another teacher at T.U.H.S., Mr. Fitzsimmons. When asked what he would tell someone hoping for the next year to be better, he responded with,I would tell them that hope and some faith is pretty much all we have for the future,” he continued with inspiration with, “we should hope for the best, plan for the best, but be prepared for the worst.”