Student opinions of the new in-person/hybrid schedule


2021 Phase 2 hybrid schedule

The end of the 2020-2021 school year is around the corner! Spring is in full bloom with the thoughts of summer and graduation ahead. Since the beginning of this school year, we have had many different schedules and we just got one more.

This is the second week of the newest phase-2 hybrid schedule for TUHS and the thought of it has mixed opinions.  In a survey in which 41 students responded, they were asked if they liked the new schedule and what could be improved, Freshman Jaysi-Mae Neel, who is learning in person, informs us that, “[She] think[s] the new schedule is organized and flexible,” although  “… guidance around campus would be really appreciated.” Sophomore Carla Ramirez, who is distance learning, mentions, “[The schedule is] simple and gives [her] a lot of time to work.”

Now we all know that the earlier meeting times take away some of that sleep-in time that some of us had before. When the 41 participants were asked if they have adjusted to the new schedule yet, 61% said that they had while 26.8% said they missed the extra sleep. In the midst of the remaining students who replied with other answers, some were mixed; this is shown by Sophomore Yeimi Gomez when stating, “I do miss sleeping in, but I feel like this will help me fix my sleeping schedule.”

Ending on a positive note, many students appreciate the intentions to have a good schedule. Senior Chayse Dean confirms this: “It’s not the normal schedule. But it’s a lot better [than] phase 1.”