Distance learning with siblings makes it a challenge


Raven Yeager

Canvas open on TUHS computers.

Going from learning in school everyday to learning online can be a stressful thing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the California Governor decided to make all schools in Kern County remain on distance learning based on current guidelines. Being home distance learning is not only hard itself, it’s being home and having siblings who go to the same school with you that is the hardest. Conner Harris said, “The hardest part is me and my siblings all have classes at the same time so we are all super busy.” Having several zoom calls all day can make life a bit chaotic. Nichol Crowell said, “It is really stressful trying to juggle helping my sister and turn around and do my own work.”

Teachers have been trying to make things a little easier on the students; for instance, they have designated office hours for the students who are struggling. Many assignments are due Friday at 11:59 p.m and every day students are required to zoom with their designated teacher for that day.

Although times are hard right now, Taft Union High School District has made it their priority to make distance learning the best it can be. A.S.B. still throws virtual rallies online, teachers give polls during zoom calls to check the mental health status of their students, and social media pages give out tons of great information on how to get through this hard time.