JV Wildcats win a close one against Tehachapi

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Jacquelyn White
Julian Woodards #11 running the ball away from the Tehachapi defense.

Coming into the game, intentions were high for the JV Wildcats. One of the freshmen, George Burney was asked about how he felt about the game. His response was, “They looked like a good team and I know that we were gonna compete.” The warriors kicked the ball to Richard Jennings for a 25-yard return. With the ball on the 25, the ‘Cats decided to run a play to the outside with Julian Woodards, which was stopped in the backfield for a loss of yardage. Then the ‘Cats decided to take it to the air for an 8-yard gain, bringing up 3rd and 3. The Wildcats try an inside run up the middle, which is stopped, forcing a turnover on downs. With the ball in Tehachapi’s hands, it was vital for the defense to make plays. Play after play, the defense was starting making plays but it wasn’t enough. The Warriors took advantage of this and, with doing so, drove the field setting them up for a touchdown putting them in the lead 6-0. 

Wildcats would receive the ball once again, which was returned for a 35-yards. With this amazing field position, the ‘Cats ran up the middle for an 8-yard gain, bringing 2nd and 2. They ran the ball to the outside which was stopped in the backfield for a loss of yardage. The ‘Cats pitch the ball to the outside in the last hope to get the first down, but the Warriors answered back and made a stop in the backfield forcing a turnover on downs. The ‘Cat’s defense stepped up big against the Warriors with Chase Dean leading the pack with two back-to-back sacks and a pass deflection by Richard Jennings.

The ‘Cats would get on the board towards the end of the 4th quarter with the connection from Jayce Moore to Jesus Ramirez for the touchdown and the following extra point was made by Alberto Lopez. The final score was 7-6.