The Gusher is Back


James Buddell

Dr. White, Adviser

It’s been a long time since students have received a school newspaper…too long.  The Gusher has been our source for news about Taft High happenings for generations, and its absence has been felt by students, staff, faculty, and community members.  This year, twelve enthusiastic students took the challenge to bring it back.

I’m excited to be the new adviser for The Gusher and wanted to welcome everyone to view the stories and information found on our online newspaper site.  Please click on the stories to read entire articles.  Explore and enjoy what our staff have reported.  Staff profiles are posted to introduce you to our reporters and editors, so you will know who we are.  I am sincerely impressed by their commitment and effort to bring The Gusher back to all of you.

We would like to welcome everyone to participate in our news coverage by submitting story ideas and photos via our online forms at the top of the homepage.  You can also contact us at: [email protected].  If you know something is happening and would like to make sure we cover YOUR story, please let us know!