Learning from a distance


April Yeager

Students of T.U.H.S handling covid-19 (Courtesy of parent, April Yeager)

The Covid-19 pandemic came into all of our lives at an unexpected time. Due to the virus, students of T.U.H.S. and staff members had to social distance and learn from the comfort of their own home. It has been a struggle for most students, and it has made teachers’ lives harder than it should be. T.U.H.S. was thinking about letting students return to school this semester, but as of right now the board is hoping to allow students to return to school in January, fingers crossed. The Board is also talking about making a better hybrid schedule for the students. The California Governor has continued to make everyone wear a mask before entering a store, and he still is wanting businesses to stay closed for the public’s safety. COVID-19 numbers have continued to go up, which leaves some schools with little to no hope of returning this semester. Staff members are taking caution on each decision they make, due to their worry of students safety. On the bright side, staff members and A.S.B. have tried to make the best they can out of distance learning. Online zoom meetings for tutoring and academic support groups are offered to all students, along with office hours for each teacher.