TUHS provides students with a catch-up week


Photo courtesy of Autumn Taylor

Junior of T.U.H.S. using catch up week to her advantage. Photo courtesy of Autumn Taylor

Distance learning has left positive effects and negative effects on the members of the Taft Union High School District. Students are finding it difficult to stay caught up with their work in each class. Staff members have noticed this and decided to allow students to have one week to catch up on any missing assignments before the end of first quarter.

Some teachers decided to drop all late penalties on missing assignments for that week; other teachers were very lenient with the missing assignments; and, of course, some teachers kept the late penalties. Students were instructed to email their teachers about assignments that were locked. A senior at Taft High said, “The catch-up week helped me catch up on all my missing assignments; I got behind because distance learning has been nothing but horrible for me.” Most students fall behind because they haven’t created a set schedule on when to work on certain subjects. Teachers have been continuing to help students by offering after school zoom classes for tutoring, and virtual academic support groups. Staff members have been working really hard to make distance learning the best it could possibly be, considering the circumstances. Mrs. Finn said “When looking at progress reports, it became clear that we had to provide additional support so that students could either get caught up or take a breath.” She also said, “The initial feedback from students and teachers have been positive.”

The catch up week has helped students and teachers catch up on work. The real way of determining if it was a total success is when quarter grades come out.