COVID-19 affecting students with events being canceled

It is now official that the rest of the school year has been canceled and with that so have many loved events. Prom is the one that first comes to mind when students are asked what events they miss the most, but there are others as well. 

Many of the students answer that they don’t miss school and that the long ‘break’ away from campus is very enjoyable. There were few students who missed school and the rigorous schedule it provided on a daily basis.

Marty Penaloza says, “Why on earth do we have any form of schooling while a global pandemic that’s been found in Kern County and Taft is happening. I think closing everything down and staying inside is necessary; it won’t just magically go away. I hate that many of the band events I was looking forward to have been canceled, but I can’t help but think that if they were back on that more people would get infected.”

That is the most popular opinion students have given, the vast majority of students don’t want to worry about turning in chapter questions and a book analysis while people are ignoring the quarantine and spreading the virus further.

Mackenzie Taylor says, “I appreciate the effort but this isn’t worth it, online schooling makes it hard to see a need to finish my work; I still do but my God is it like trying to sprint in mud or something. I would like to go to an in-person Mock Rock, but if that means people getting the virus then why bother going back to school.”

Mock Rock is still on, but it is now virtual and will definitely feel different than getting out of a few periods to watch talented people sing, dance, or do magic.

Carlos Viegas says, “Oh no, I don’t miss it at all. The constant get up, school, homework, sleep and repeat was definitely not likeable. I love being able to stay home and not have to wake up before 6:30 everyday. Online school is annoying but I somehow manage to do the work, granted, I hate every minute of it, but I do it. I do miss sports and going to get lunch with my friends, but I know for certain that staying home is the best thing to do.”

Many students do not want online school and, even if there is only about one month of school left, they would rather not have to stress about assignments.

Traditional events like prom and the spring concert being canceled is not optimal but it is known that the more the virus spreads, the more people are in danger, so it is best to stay home and only go out if necessary.