Surprising suggestions from students

Yearbook Staff
Students discussing Taft High and it’s attributes during Freshman Registration

Students are the most important priority of any school so it is important that schools are able to meet the various needs of their students. It is necessary that teachers and staff listen to their students about what they feel needs to change or just some minor tweaks here and there, schools are basically run by the students so they should all be heard.

In interviews spanning across the past week, students were asked about what they want their teachers to know and take into consideration.

Payge Hartley, a sophomore says, “We [the students] absolutely hate doing the same thing over and over. Switching up the routine every few days gives us something new to do.”

It is proven fact that doing the same monotonous tasks day after day can easily make a person’s day feel wasted and worthless. Feeling like you got something done and achieved a goal is important in growing and being excited about learning.

“I’d like it if they thought through projects more, especially group projects, because a lot of us don’t have time to meet up for an hour every day and plan. It got super annoying [a certain class he has]…we kept getting project after project and a lot of student’s grades were hurt because we literally couldn’t meet up and contribute,” says Martin Mora.

It is true that students and teachers enjoy a little break from notes, random assignments, and section reviews, however, projects quickly begin to feel like a page of notes after the fourth one in a row.

Diversity in curriculum offers work that is tolerable for students to work on and maybe even like doing.

Natalie Guzman says that the classroom are too boring and need more color. “Oh my gosh the classrooms are so bland and dull. One of my classes barely has any posters on the wall and they’re black with maybe some sort of dark red. Basically, I feel that the classrooms and even Taft High, as a whole, needs more color to make the classes feel less like a cubicle office, opening windows helps too; it makes the class feel more vibrant and not so gray and uninteresting.”

A change in assignments was the most popular answer out of the interviewed students, and definitely won’t hurt if implemented. These are all great suggestions for teachers to acknowledge and hopefully implement into their lessons and classroom.