Ah, dead week. The time where students and teachers alike are supposed to be relaxing–no homework, extra quizzes and tests, or otherwise anything planned that would hinder student studying time for final exams.

Not so, this time around.

This week has been full of events. Band had a parade on Monday, then ten of them went to audition for Honor Band after the parade and still played in a concert the following day. The treble and advanced choir had a concert, and the advanced choir had to be taken out of third period the day of the concert so they could rehearse. The Student vs. Staff volleyball game was also on Thursday. On top of extracurricular activities and field trips, students had homework, quizzes, and tests, some of which were taken after school hours.  Mrs. Schoneweis’s 1500 English class had a 10-page paper due Friday.

It seems as if groups have plans outside of studying as well–sports, for example, are not stopping their practices and games. Drumline practice is still Tuesday and Thursday. It’s all out of wack.

“I think it’s inconvenient to have to do all this, and it seems unnecessary and even tedious,” Brayden Ivy complained. “Especially for students who need to do well on finals. Others might not be affected, though.”

Good luck to all of you finals takers this week. Hopefully, you’ll squeeze in a 10 p.m. study session with your friends via face-time.