Wildcats hit the road

This upcoming Friday, our Varsity Wildcats will be on the road at Strathmore High School for the first round of Division V playoffs. Coming into this game, the ‘Cats are seeded 13 out of 17 teams with a record of 4-6. Head Coach, George Falgout was asked about how he felt coming into this game, his response was, “I feel good; I believe our student-athlete football players have worked hard to get to this point. This is something we worked for in the past several months. I am excited to see what they are going to do this Friday night in Strathmore.” Coach Falgout was also asked how he felt about Strathmore; his response was, “They are a great football program that was State Champions a couple of years ago. They’re good this year. They will be ready, and so will the Taft Union Wildcats.”