Boys win at Leon Patterson Track and Field Invitational


Jonah Armstrong

Jonathan Hopkins jumps his last hurdle in his victory in the 110-meter hurdles.

The varsity boys were able to pull off the win and take home the trophy, scoring a total of 100 points, and the varsity girls finished fifth with a total of 65 points.

100 meters Varsity Boys

Sophomore – Connor McAfee – 12.13  Seconds

Senior – Jordan Miranda – 12.48 Seconds

Junior – Carlos Loza- 12.70 Seconds

Junior- Derrek Amorteguy- 12.79 Seconds

Sophomore- Elmer Osornia- 12.94 Seconds

Junior-Michael White- 13.30 Seconds

100 meters Frosh/Soph Boys

Sophomore-Kevin Snyder-  13.85 Seconds

200 meters Varsity Boys

Junior-Carlos Loza- 25.60 Seconds

Senior-Jordan Miranda-  25.87 Seconds

Junior-Derrek Amorteguy- 26.70 Seconds

200 meters Frosh/Soph Boys

Sophomore- Kevin Snyder- 28.41 Seconds

400 meters Varsity Boys

Sophomore-Craig Popejoy- 54.45 Seconds

1600 meters Varsity Boys

Senior-Oscar Arellano- 4:54:84 Minutes

Junior-Antonio Guzman- 5:24:33  Minutes

Junior-Sergio Cruz- 5:42:33 Minutes

3200 meters Varsity Boys

Junior-Antonio Guzman- 12:10:65 Minutes

Junior-Sergio Cruz- 12:36:53 Minutes

110m High Hurdles Varsity Boys

Junior-Jonathan Hopkins- 16.35 Seconds

110m High Hurdles Frosh/Soph Boys

Freshman-Jonathan Yarbrough- 23.45 Seconds

4×100 meter Relay Varsity Boys

Taft Union- 48.95 Seconds

4×400 meter Relay Varsity Boys

Taft Union- 3:45:60 Minutes

Shot Put 12lb Varsity Boys

Sophomore-Ilan Katz- 47-08.75 Feet

Sophomore-Seth Smith- 37-07.75 Feet

Senior-Bryson Ginn- 37-07.50 Feet

Shot Put 10lb Varsity Boys

Freshman-Guy Katz- 34-11.00  Feet

Freshman-Jake Edgar- 26-02.00 Feet

Discus Varsity Boys

Sophomore-Ilan Katz- 134-03 Feet

Sophomore-Seth Smith- 122-03 Feet

Discus Frosh/Soph Boys

Freshman-Guy Katz- 82-08 Feet

Freshman-Jake Edgar- 63-09 Feet

High Jump Varsity Boys

Drake Null-Silva-Senior- 6-02-00 Feet

Connor McAfee-Sophomore-5-10-00 Feet

Jonathan Hopkins-Junior- 5-08-00 Feet

Long Jump Varsity Boys

Jonathan Hopkins-Junior- 19-04-00 Feet

Ilan Katz-Sophomore- 18-00-00 Feet

Drake Null-Silva-Senior- 17-04-00 Feet

Connor McAfee- Sophomore- 17-00-00 Feet

Jordan Miranda-Senior- 15-09-00 Feet

Elmer Orsonia- Sophomore- 15-08-00 Feet

100 meters Varsity Girls

Reanna Rowland-Freshman- 14.95 Seconds

200 meters Varsity Girls

Bree Johansen-Junior- 26.12 Seconds

Marilyn Rodriguez- Sophomore- 32.35 Seconds

400 meters Varsity Girls

Bree Johansen- Junior- 1:00.88 Minute

Sierra Kozloski- Junior-1:05.95 Minute

800 meters Varsity Girls

Hanna Walls- Junior- 3:04.48 Minute

Marimar Torres- Junior- 3:23.55 Minute

1600 meters Varsity Girls

Marimar Torres- Junior- 6:52:29 Minute

Hanna Walls- Junior- 7:06:11 Minute

Shot Put Varsity Girls

Willow Pilgrim- Sophomore- 29-03.00 Feet

Alice Tauta- Freshman- 28-08.00 Feet

Jennifer Atriano- Sophomore- 26-00.00 Feet

Marilyn Rodriguez- Sophomore- 24-00.00 Feet

Bailey Baldwin- Freshman- 22-06.25 Feet

Chloe Speer- Sophomore – 21-01.50 Feet

Discus Varsity Girls

Jennifer Atriano- Sophomore- 81-07 Feet

Alice Tauta- Freshman- 80-10 Feet

Willow Pilgrim- Sophomore- 79-07 Feet

Bailey Baldwin- Freshman- 52-00 Feet

Steven Macaulay- Sophomore- 51-08 Feet

Cassandra Alfaro- Freshman- 47-08 Feet

High Jump Varsity Girls

Bree Johansen- Junior- 4-10.00 Feet

Long Jump Varsity Girls

Sierra Kozloski- Junior- 15-06.00 Feet