Going, Going, GONE!


Mackenzie MIller

Chad Berry watching Jackson Van Roekel pitch.

Chad Berry threw five innings of a no-hit ball to move him and his teammates to 17-1 overall and 8-0 in S.S.L. Jackson Van Roekel was at bat four times and was the first run of the game. Corbin Yaws pitched and was our second run followed by Logun Clark, Chad Berry and Jackson Berry.  Chad Berry pitched 83 times with 46 strikes and Corbin Yaws pitched 16 times with 11 strikes. Michael Saldana went up to bat and got a R.B.I.. Logun Clark also got an R.B.I. 

Next Wednesday, the boys are going up against McFarland at McFarland, so wish them luck or be there!