CTEC Parent Academy: What really happened?


Thalia V.

Mrs. Stansberry introduces her session on internet safety.

As we walked into the meeting, Mrs. Stansberry, Director of Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation, began to elaborate on the falsification of privacy. She went on to explain that students need to be cautious about, “what you put on the Internet,” for present and future purposes. Students should take what they post into consideration. She brought attention to predators and the harm they impose on those who use the Internet. For that session, the main point was to be aware and safe of what you do when you utilize the Internet.

Thalia V.
For the first session, the meeting was introduced by a presentation.

She then transitioned to a video that focused on a core issue in today’s environment: vaping. Vaping is prevalent nowadays and reaching teens through pervasive use. The youth is getting their hands on Jules, pods, and (of course) vapes. Inhaling the vapor created from a liquid heated up in a device is gaining popularity. Some may underestimate the word “popular” when it comes to vaping. But, the truth is, it doesn’t take that much to see the evidence. It shows in everyday life. From a joke by an older person exclaiming, “You kids, with your snapchat and vapes” to actual kids smoking the vapor when they are in the bathroom, or in any place that seems fit. Mrs. Stansberry wanted to bring parents and students together and fixate their attention on this; Whether we ignore it or not, it exists.

If we as people don’t think there’s a problem, there is one.

Out of all the issues, there was one of them that clearly stood out: the room was nearly vacant. With two students and a parent or two, Mrs. Stansberry was so close to talking to herself. A few teachers were in the room, with the meeting room filled with less than a handful of staff members. There could be a plethora of reasons to why this is so, including people not being interested, lack of care, not being informed of the meeting, and so on. But this is the real danger. Living in ignorance to things that matter the most. To be involved and active in community is really important. See this through and realize the moral of this all: Be Aware!