A win plus a loss for girls basketball

Girls varisty basketball team posing for a great photo.

Gary Rennie

Girls varisty basketball team posing for a great photo.

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On Jan. 29, the Lady Wildcats had a sad loss against McFarland. The girls went into this game knowing that it was going to be a tough game. The McFarland ladies are known for blowing out their opponents. They were tough opponents for the Wildcats, but they never gave up. They Wildcats got under their skin during the game and caused them to stumble around a lot but, in the end, the score was 65-58. Bree Johansen was the top scorer of the night with a total of 15 points. Alana Iatomo was having a great night and put 4 three-pointers on the board that night. She was full of energy for this game and transferred all of that energy onto the court and did an amazing job.

The Wildcats also played on Jan. 31 against Cesar Chavez. This was a fun and intense game for the Wildcats. The overall score was 44-41, which is only a three-point win. This was an aggressive night for the Lady ‘Cats. It was Cesar Chavez’s senior night, so the players gave it all they had, but the Wildcats came out in the lead and won the game. Reagan Hamilton was the leading scorer for the night with a total of 21 points. Mahalia Laulu was the only one for the Wildcats that made a three-pointer that night and it was her first in awhile. The team was cheering her on after the points. These games were great for the ladies to improve and prepare for Wasco on the Feb. 4 and Arvin on Feb. 5.