Boys running with the girls

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At Taft Union High School, coed physical education is in action. Why? In order to offer non-coed P.E., schools must have applied for a waiver. At the time, Taft High didn’t apply for the waiver despite offering non-coed P.E., so a change was made. Let it be known, the school is now in compliance with the state expectation for P.E.  This was the reason for the new transition.

In coed P.E., girls and boys are now exercising and playing sports in unity. How is it? Was division a problem? Is this integration a good thing? There are issues surrounding coed unfairness between the girls and boys, making girls feel self-conscious, and boys complaining about it in today’s world. Let’s dig deeper as I interview some students here at our school to see what’s going on here at our campus.

Bradly Lopez expressed, “It’s amazing. I feel that there’s no competition between the guys and girls.”

Most of the comments were like this and it portrayed a good vibe among the classmates. The feedback from the majority of the P.E. students was positive and they didn’t see any genuine concern or dilemma affecting their progress in the class.  

“I think it’s a great idea, so we can show each other’s physical fitness. I think it’s a good thing,” Bronson Ortlieb  added. Hannah Mason, another student explained, “I think it’s a great idea also because it helps others…the boys show off though.”

It was pointed out, however, that some of the guys stare at the girls inappropriately Laura Perez insinuated. When expressed, the girls around her nodded and agreed.

Going back to my questions on the collision of the boys and girls, Martin Penaloza concluded it with, “I really like it. I don’t think there’s competition. Everyone has a chance to do everything at one time. Nothing is limited to the girls or the guys.”

For the most part, the P.E. students don’t have a problem and there’s no issue. The only downside would be the guys’ attention, which can lead to drama and uncomfortable situations between the girls. Treatment and exercise procedures are equal for all, which makes participation up to the students here at Taft High.