Taft wins a close one


Destanie Owens

No. 31 Corbin Yaws celebrates as he runs into the endzone for the first touchdown of the evening for the Wildcats.

The JV Wildcat football team this year has been the best anybody has seen in a while, starting off with a 3-1. One of the freshman, Walker Maino was asked how he felt about the game. His response was, “I wanna blow this team out; we’re better than them and we’ve worked harder.” Taft started off slow, having to punt the ball away on their first drive, but that was not the end.

Neither teams were able to get any offensive plays going until the start of the second quarter when Bryce Veach broke away for 24 yards. RFK got the ball back and was stopped again. Maino and Jason Woodards made a stand for the ‘Cats holding the Thunderbirds to a fourth-and-13.

Midway through the second quarter, the Wildcats were able to break away as Jackson Berry ran the ball 44 yards to set the Wildcats up in scoring position at the 15-yard line. Taft came up empty on this drive when they fumbled the ball, which was recovered by the Thunderbirds.

Chad Berry on the Wildcats’ next drive set up their first score of the day with a 21-yard run, as RFK called a time out with 35 seconds left in the second quarter. Taft quarterback Garrett Jefferies completed a 45-yard touchdown pass to receiver Corbin Yaws, the ‘Cats took a late 7-0 lead as the first half ended.

The Thunderbirds started off with the ball in the second half, but the Taft defense was, once again, all over the Thunderbirds. Kyler Miles and Corbin Yaws took charge, forcing RFK to punt the ball away early. At the end of the third quarter, the Wildcats held a 7-0 lead until the start of the fourth quarter.

Just seven seconds into the fourth quarter, the Thunderbirds got on the scoreboard making it 6-7. With 6:47 left in the game, Chad Berry rumbled downfield for a long 68-yard touchdown to extend their lead 14-6. RFK tried to put some points up late in the game, but Corbin Yaws and Kyler Miles made sure to stop them to secure the win.

Coach Hunter Liljeroos said after the game, “It was a great win, our defense stepped up and held their point.” Chad Berry led an offensive attack with 153 yards and one touchdown, while his brother, Jackson Berry, added on 67 receiving yards and 59 rushing yards. Chad Berry has 673 yards and 7 touchdowns in just 5 games. Garrett Jeffries was asked about the win, and he said, “It’s an amazing feeling, they were a good team and we battled with them and beat them.” We will give you highlights of the game against the Shafter Generals soon.