JV Wildcats roll Coalinga


Destanie Owens

Chad Berry intercepts a pass late in the game preventing the Horned Toads from scoring. Taft beat Coalinga 19-7.

The Wildcats got back on track to dominating. On Sept. 7, the win came over the Coalinga Horned Toads with a score of 19-7.

Jackson Berry, started the game off by hauling in a one-handed catch thrown by Garrett Jefferies to get them in scoring position. Chad Berry capped the drive off when he ran the ball into the endzone from 10 yards out to make the score 7-0.

The Wildcats’ defense trotted out onto the field getting ready to make a stand, after a few short run plays the ‘Cats forced the Horned Toads to fourth down, where Zane Martin stopped them at the line of scrimmage.

Destanie Owens
Bryce Veach finishing a play during the game on Sept. 7.

On the first play of Wildcats’ drive, the snap is fumbled and Jefferies dove for the ball where it forced them back to second and 13. Garrett Jeffries hurried his offense back to the line, where he dropped back to complete a pass to Jackson Berry for a 15-yard gain to move the chains for a new set of downs.

The Horned Toads, held them to a fourth-and-3, where Jeffries tried to get a pass off to Jackson Berry, but he overthrew it so they turned the ball over on downs.

As the defense went onto the field, Coalinga handed the ball off to their fullback, No. 31, where he was hit hard in the backfield by Corbin Yaws, the fullback was injured on the play and was helped back to his sideline.

The Horned Toads completed a pass to No. five, but Chad Berry came from his defensive position to hit the receiver for a gain of two.

Coalinga went back on the ground where they pick up four yards, but they fell short of the first down marker, so it turned into fourth-and-5.

The Wildcats jumped offsides on the fourth down play, so that gave Coalinga the five yards they needed to make it first-and-10. The Horned Toads threw the pass to the right side to pick up six yards on the first-down play.

They hurried up the offense and pitched the ball to the left side where they picked up seven yards and earned a new set of downs. Kyler Miles, on the following play, busted into the backfield to sack the quarterback and make it second-and-15.  

Coalinga once again tried to pass the ball, but the defensive lineman got through the line, and the quarterback was flushed out to the right sideline where he was tackled out of bounds by Tofer Downey.

The Toads turned the ball over to Taft where they were forced to start their drive at their own 41-yard line. Jefferies handed the ball off to Chad Berry, where he spun out of a tackle in the backfield and took it 69 yards for a touchdown to increase their lead to 13-0.

They attempted a two-point conversion, but the pass fell incomplete, which was intended for Jackson Berry. Taft kicked it off to Coalinga where they started their drive at the 20-yard line, and Sergio Gomez  tackled the ball carrier, so he was only able to pick up three yards on the play.

The Horned Toads go back to the same play where No. 31 picked up two yards before being tackled by Karson Leota. On third-and-5, Coalinga completed a pass to No. two, where they were able to pick up seven yards on the play to make it first down.

The Horned Toads tried to keep their momentum alive by trying to pass again but the pass was incomplete, Corbin Yaws goes on a blitz to stop the running back where he was only able to get one yard.

The Wildcat defense was caught off guard on the next play when Coalinga tried completing a pass to their tight end No. 12  where it went right through his hands and Tofer Downey was able to intercept the ball.

The ‘Cats decided to hand the ball to Jackson Berry around the right side where he was able to pick up 20 yards on the play. They weren’t able to get any more yards on the next play, though; they handed it off to Chad Berry up the middle where he was stuffed for a loss of one yard.

The ‘Cats called a timeout and they switched running backs where Bryce Veach goes in for Chad Berry. On his first carry after the timeout it looked like two Coalinga players had him wrapped up in the backfield, but he broke those tackles, and turned to the sideline to take it 45 yards for a touchdown for the Wildcats.

The ‘Cats converted on the extra point. As the Horned Toads started off with the football, they run the football to the left side where they were tackled at the line by Kyler Miles.

The next play they ran the ball up the middle, where they were stopped at the line once again by Kyler Miles and Blake Boyd.

On third-and-10, the Horned Toads’ quarterback dropped back to pass, but his lineman couldn’t hold off the ‘Cats defense as Bryce Veach came in to make the sack, they lost 10 yards on the play so it was fourth-and-20.

Coalinga punted it out of bounds for the ‘Cats to start on their own 30-yard line. To start the drive off, they gave the football to Chad Berry where he was able to pick up seven yards on the play; once again, they looked for Chad Berry to make another explosive play on second down, but he was tackled in the backfield for a loss of one yard.

On the third down, Garrett Jeffries looked for his wing, Jackson Berry, on a pass play but he underthrew the ball, and it was incomplete.

On fourth down, the ‘Cats decided to go for it, and Garrett Jeffries dropped back to pass and threw to his receiver, CJ Philips, but it went through his hands and the Wildcats turned the ball over.

As the Horned Toads got the ball, they passed the ball deep over the top where they connected to their receiver No. five.

It was first-and-goal and they ran the ball, trying to get in for a touchdown but was unsuccessful. The tackle was made by Zane Martin, after a loss of three yards in the backfield on third down, it was fourth-and-goal, so Taft decided to call a timeout with 52 seconds left in the first half.

Coalinga quarterback threw to a receiver in the corner of the endzone, but Chad Berry was there to break it up to force the turnover .

With time winding down, the ‘Cats ran the ball up the middle with Chad Berry where he busted a long 50-yard run and was tackled out of bounds; it was called back though due to an illegal block in the back.

With 37 seconds left in the second quarter, Jefferies went with a pass play downfield where he tried to complete it to Jackson Berry, but it was underthrown and picked off by number five and returned for a touchdown.

The extra point was no good, and the ‘Cats led the Horned Toads 19-6. The kick was returned by Jackson Berry, where he returned the ball 50 yards to set up great field position for the Wildcats.

On the last play of the half, they gave it to Tofer Downey on the left side where is was able to pick up 12 yards before being tackled.

At the start of the second half, the Wildcats kicked off to the Horned Toads. On the first play of the half for Coalinga, they tried to pass but Bryce Veach was there for his second sack of the night, which caused second-and-17.

On the next play of their drive, they fumbled the snap, but the ‘Cats were unable to come up with it and it forced third-and-18.

Taft caused a punt after an incomplete pass on third down and they got the ball on the 17-yard line. Jackson Berry carried the ball to pick up 11 yards for Taft to make it first down; as soon as that happened, quarterback Garrett Jefferies gave the ball to Chad Berry where he was also able to pick up another first down for the Wildcats.

With the ball on the 44-yard line the’ Cats’ drive was stalled and they were forced to turn the ball over. The Wildcats’ defense was able to stand their ground, though, as they forced a fumble and Kyler Miles fell on it, the officials discussed it and overturned the call to give Coalinga the ball back.

Destanie Owens
Corbin Yaws looks to the sideline waiting for a defensive call from the coach.

Taft’s defense held Coalinga to a  fourth-and-21 where they were forced to punt it away.

Taft received the ball on their 30-yard line. As they looked to extend their lead, they gave the ball to Chad Berry where he picked up nine yards on the play up the middle; a bad snap put the ‘Cats at second-and-19 where the third quarter came to a close.

After two misunderstood plays, Taft punted the ball away. Coalinga tried passing the ball, but it  was incomplete after a big hit from Corbin Yaws with 9:20 left in the game. After holding the Horned Toads to a fourth down, they punted it where the ‘Cats started their drive around the 41-yard line.

With 8:32 left in the quarter, Chad Berry carried the ball and picked up a big first down. The Wildcats tried to keep the drive alive, but they had a miscommunication on the play, and they fumbled the ball, where Coalinga was able to come up with it.

No. 12 from Coalinga got hit from behind on the play so it brought up second-and-long. No. 9, Zane Martin, pushed them back even farther and that brought up third-and-18 with 5:30 in the fourth quarter. As the ‘Cats got the ball back, they turned the ball over on the first play from scrimmage on the 46-yard line.

Coalinga tried passing the ball late in the game, but it was intercepted by Chad Berry, so the ‘Cats got the ball back and were able to run out the clock to seal the game to win by a score of 19-7.

Chad Berry was a huge help in this game as he finished with 200 yards rushing and two touchdowns, while his brother Jackson Berry finished with seven catches for 105 yards.