Highlights from the Championship Track Season


Jonah Armstrong

Bree Johansen running to the finish line during the 4×400-meter relay team at the Patriot Games.

Jonah Armstrong
Brett Walls running with perfect form during the Wildcat Invitational.

The Wildcat Invitational

Wildcat Invitational was on March 17, 2018. Overall, the Wildcats have dominated the competition. The varsity Wildcat boys placed second and the varsity women’s team placed first. Some of the highlights of this meet were in the women’s 100-meter dash in first place was Bree Johansen with a time of 12.94. In second place was Kerrigan Yancey with a time of 13.65. In the 200-meter dash, we had Bree Johansen once again in first place with a time of 26.59. Another event where we had athletes place high in was the 400-meter dash. Roberto Fraustro, with a time of 51.40, placed first in the 400-meter dash, and in third place for the women’s team was Mariah Nevarez with a time of 1:05.05. Freshman Chase Cortez did very well in the 800-meter race with a time of 2:14.96 and placed 10th overall. He also did very well in the 1600-meter race with a time of 4:57.49  and placed 9th overall. Another freshman that did very well was Jonathan Hopkins who placed second in the 110-meter hurdles with a time of 17.80. Macayla Wells also did great in the 100-meter hurdles with a time of 16.34; she is also a freshman this year. Isabella Nuncio came in right behind her with a time of 16.68. In third place for the 100-meter hurdles was Caitlin Bailey with a time of 17.43. Isabella Nuncio also received second place in the 300-meter hurdles with a time of 50.62.

Our relay teams also did very well. For our varsity boy’s 4×100 team, we had Roberto Frausto, Zack Tuaila, Tyler Terrell, and Cody Keith with a time of 46.35 and placed third overall. The Women’s 4×100 team was Bree Johansen, Mariah Nevarez, Sierra Kozloski, and Morgan Pulido with a time of 52.66, which got them first place overall. The 4×400 varsity women’s team was: Bree Johansen, Mariah Nevarez, Isabella Nuncio, and Macayla Wells with a time of 4:20.32, which placed them first overall. The 4×400 varsity boy’s team placed third overall with a time of 3:41.85 (Roberto Frausto, Chase Cortez, Oscar Arellano, and Brett Walls).

Jonah Armstrong
Jonathan Hopkins in the middle of clearing pole vault.

We also did well in the field events. Freshman Willow Pilgrim threw a 29-11.00 in shot put and placed second overall. She also placed fourth in discus with a throw of 83-01. In high jump, we had Caitlin Bailey who jumped 5-00.00 and placed first overall. In men’s pole vault, freshman Jonathan Hopkins vaulted a height of 9-06.00 and placed third overall. In the women’s pole vault, we had freshman Macayla Wells with a height of 8-06.00, which placed her first overall. In second place was Shelby Harris with a height of 5-00.00. In women’s long jump, Sierra Kozloski jumped a 15-03.50 and placed second overall. For the men’s long jump Zack Tuaila jumped 20-04.50 and placed second. Triple jump was dominated by freshman Macayla Wells who placed first and jumped 38-01.00.  Zack Tuaila jumped 40-06.50 and placed second for triple jump. The wildcat invitational has two races that make it different from all other meets. One race that the wildcat invitational has is the men’s 3k steeplechase race. This race is a 3k race with steeples in the way and one steeple that the athletes have to jump over goes into a pool of water. Oscar Arellano ran for the varsity Wildcat boys and placed 9th with a time of 13:32.50. For the women’s 2k steeplechase, Zughei Guzman ran a 13:02.27 and placed 7th overall. The 2nd race that the Wildcat Invitational has is the “big man” race where the field athletes get to race a 4×100-meter relay. These races aren’t timed; they are just for those that would like to participate. This meet encourages spectators to attend for Taft High.

Jonah Armstrong
Macayla Wells raising her leg to clear a hurdle during the Patriot Games.

SSL Power meet #3

The third SSL power meet was held at RFK High School on April 18, 2018. The men’s team placed fifth overall. The women’s team placed first overall. Some of the highlights from this meet were; Roberto Frausto in the 100-meter dash with a time of 11.58, which placed him fourth overall. Bree Johansen was also in the 200-meter dash with a time of 12.79, which earned her first place. In the 200-meter dash, we saw Roberto Frausto do a great job again with a time of 22.91, for which he placed third. In the 200-meter dash was Bree Johansen again finishing in first with a time of 26.22. Roberto Frausto also ran the 400-meter dash and placed third with a time of  22.91. Mariah Nevarez ran the 400-meter dash for the women’s varsity team with a time of 1:04.86, which placed her third overall. In the 800-meter dash, Alondra Cisneros ran a 6:23.66 and placed 11th overall. Oscar Arellano ran the 800-meter dash and placed ninth with a time of 2:12.38. For the 100-meter hurdles, Isabella Nuncio ran a 16.66 and finished with first place. Caitlin Bailey came in right behind her in second place with a time of 17.28.

Jonah Armstrong
Mariah Nevarez running the 4×400-meter relay during the Patriot Games.

Isabella Nuncio, Mariah Nevarez, and Caitlin Bailey placed first-third for the varsity girls’ 300-meter dash: Isabella with a time of 50.36, Mariah with a time of 52.46, and Caitlin with a time of 53.13. The varsity girls’ 4×100 meter relay team was: Taylor Hale, Mariah Nevarez, Sierra Kozloski, and Bree Johansen. They received a time of 54.67 and second place. Taylor Hale, Mariah Nevarez, Isabella Nuncio, and Bree Johansen were the team for the varsity girls 4×400-meter relay. They ran a 4:19.91 and second place. High jump was also a success because of Caitlin Bailey and Cherise Strong. Caitlin placed 1st with a time of 5:02.00 and Cherise placed second with a jump of 4-08.00. For the men’s varsity high jump, Padraig Null-Silva jumped 5-08.00 and placed first overall. Varsity men’s pole vault was also a success. Gavin White went 9-00.00 high and placed fourth. Macayla Wells got a height of 9-00.00 and placed first for the women’s varsity team. Macayla also got second in long jump with a jump of 17-07.00. She also got first in long jump with a jump of 37-09.00. Tyler Terrell also got first in triple jump with a distance of 40-05.00. This was a great meet and a success for all of the athletes.

Jonah Armstrong
Caitlin Bailey smiling after her jump at the Patriot Games.

The Patriot Games

The Patriot Games were held at Liberty High School on 4/25/2018. To attend this meet, athletes must have had a qualifying time. The athletes that went from Taft Union performed well. Roberto Frausto ran the 400-meter dash with a time of 50.84 and placed second overall. The 4×400 varsity girls’ race was: Taylor Hale, Mariah Nevarez, Isabella Nuncio, Caitlin Bailey with a time of 4:08.29, which placed them third overall. Caitlin Bailey jumped 5-02.00 and placed first overall. Macayla Wells jumped 38-10.00 in triple jump and placed first.

Dinuba High School Meet

The meet at Dinuba High School was qualifying meet and was held on April 27, 2018. For the 100-meter hurdles, Macayla Wells ran a 15.62 and placed first overall. She also did pole vault and vaulted 9-03.00 and placed second overall. Jonathan Hopkins competed in pole vault and placed second with a vault of 12-00.00. He also ran the 110-meter hurdles and placed fourth with a time of 17.38.  Brett Walls competed in the 300 meter hurdles and ran a 44.95 and placed ninth overall. Willow Pilgrim threw 30-05.00 at varsity girls shot put and placed fifth. She also threw at varsity girls discus and got fourth with a throw of 88-08.