1 for 2 for Baseball Last Week


Jonah Armstrong

Corbin Yaws running home (photo from March game).

April 17th the varsity Wildcats played at home versus RFK with a score of 7-4. The boys managed to obtain 6 total RBIs, which is a big accomplishment. Hammons, Berry, Miles, Self, Roberts, and Yaws can usually always be counted on to get on base, and they all had stolen bases, which helped the score for their team. Although Urias made an error, his teammates Corbin Yaws, Reese Hammons, and Michael White made comebacks with double plays from batting. Pichers Yaws, Van Roekel, and Green each had appearances and Yaws finished the win. The Wildcats took the win against the Thunderbirds.

On April 19th, the Wildcats played away at BCHS. Unfortunately, the boys lost by a score of 8-2. BCHS is one of the “rivals” for Taft, so the team expected a tough game, which they got. They did a good job on the small assets of the game, but it was agreed that they need to learn BCHS’s team better and how they play the game, like small things they do throughout the game. They weren’t as discouraged about losing the game because they know they have a chance if they, next time, work together and play smarter. They are now practicing and preparing for their upcoming games.